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Sherry and Richard -April 29, 2006

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We made Nestie of the Week (June  7 - June 14, 2007) !!!

   We met in college;  At the time, I needed an Organic chemistry tutor, and he came to my rescue. We became really good friends, and the rest is history. 8 years and 15 lbs later...we got married!!

Our first date- October 1997.  Pappamia's Restaurant, Houston, TX

Don't laugh at my 'pumpkin' colored suit!  I was fashionable back then!


*(To view full size image, just click on any of the photos below) *

  • All photo credit goes to D&B Visual Events

The Smith Family Chapel - Yes, Jessica Simpson got married here too...is that a bad omen?

I did my own makeup;  I tried three different makeup artists, and neither of them did it the way I liked, so ...I did it myself...thanks Mary Kay ...LOL!

-------> makeup trial 

Getting my corset tied by my BMs

It was a process to get me in my dress!

(Don't ask me what that pill was ....I have no idea where it came from!)  One of my BM's probably tried to give it to me to calm me down!  They tell me I was a Bridezilla that morning...I honestly don't remember :)

(My petticoat/crinoline is for sale if anyone is interested)

An ametuer picture I took of my rings.  They were lying on top of a 'Reserved' card I made for two of the family tables at the reception.  Not a very good pic, but you get the idea...

The E-ring in it's box. :)   Americus Diamond (San Antonio)

<-----Before it was a ring.  DH purchased the diamond and had put in the setting at Americus. 

0.92 cts. VVS1 H in color. Setting is 0.67 cts.  in an antique white gold setting.   There was no band made for the seeting, because it's actually an anniversary setting, but we were able to find a band that went perfectly with it at the Zales Outlet.  I LOVE IT :))))

His Ring- not as exciting as mine.  He's not a flashy diamond type of guy;   brushed whte gold center with polished yg edges. 

Our wedding programs (DIY)- with embossed custom monogram


Having fun with BMs

A close-up of aisle decor

Flowergirl basket

Petal cones made of victorian rose/sage heavy cardstock.


Richard, his younger  brother, Tim and his older brother, Ed.

(Yes, DH is a 'middle child' :)


 DH's tux

          Helping the ring bearer get dressed

Our chariot arives!

We had fun in the pink limo

My handome husband :)


 Groomsmen (and ringbearer)

My parents made these wreaths for the doors outside the church.  It's a little hard to see, but there is an "S" in one and a "R" in  the other, made with gold twine.

Gift from DH- Amethyst tennis bracelet

Time to get married!!!

Groom's mother escorted by brother, and best man.

My mother, escorted by my brother.

Mothers lighting the unity candle.

My good friend, James sang for us as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle.  "Here and Now" by Luther Vandross.

My cousin, Veronica and Richard's friend, Joy were scripture readers.

Personalized aisle runner my mom and brother made. (click photo for full size picture!)

Lighting unity candle

Prayer and blessing of the rings.

You may now kiss your bride!

Just Married!

Off to the reception!

DIY Guestbook - matches the petal cones

My mom brought some things from home to use on the entrance table at the reception.  A table top birdbath with two love birds on top.  She filled it with pink after dinner mints.  A mauve colored basket (on the left) - filled with heartshaped clear containers adorned with a ivory satin ribbon with our names and wedding date on them.  I made  the Thank you tag that was on the favor cones.  Also on the table are left petal cones (people didn't take them home) and extra programs from the ceremony.

Our sweetheart chairs mom decorated with sage organza sash she made and roses.  She purchased the chair covers from Sears.

Grooms cake- a pooltable.  He is definately a poolshark.  There are two #7 balls on the cake.  You'll have to ask him why...it's a secret.

Front page of wedding ceremony program (click to enlarge)

Gift table

We also were supposed to bring the cake plate, but it got accidentally left too :( 

Card Cage/ birdcage  - borrowed from mom's backyard.  She spray painted it white, and added the ivy, roses and ribbon.  I really thought it came out cute!


Bridesmaids enter reception

 Yaay...our first dance!

He's singing to me!  The one time I actually enjoyed it.  Most of the time, I tell him to "shush".  He loves to sing.


Father-Daughter dance  I [puffy heart] my daddy :)

Mother-Son dance

Me watching DH dance with his mom.

 Daddy's toast


 mmmm cake!   Why not eat with your fingers? lol 

Tennesse Titans garter

DH's bestfriend and my bestfriend dancing

Get down MIL!!

My grandmother and I (Now you see where I get my good looks from :)

The newlyweds

The last dance

Petal toss!!


Favorite Engagement Photos

We gave everyone one of these in a frame to take home with them after the wedding. (wrapped in pink butcher paper...:)

 Honeymoon Photos!

Ochos Rios, Jamaica - 4/31/06-5/6/06

In front of our villa house

Resting on the beach after a day of shopping.

My new Aussie friend!

Richard, trying to be GQ

In front of the manor house on our resort

Heading to my home away from home



Thank You Cards - (Shutterfly)




DIY Invitations

(I made my invitations from ivory pearl pocketfolds, which I embossed with our monogram on the ouside and closed it with a mauve/rose colored organza ribbon. )

How I made the invitations:  I knew exactly what I wanted, created a template  and printed it on ivory linen cardstock (from Xpedx).  Using my inkjet printer on a high resolution setting, I printed 100 sheets and had Kinkos cut them.  Email me if you would like invitations made.  I've done invitations for other knotties as well.   For Fonts email me.  I used a combination of four fonts for the script.  I am now selling my invites on Etsy!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/bySherry

front side

Our monogram

I made our simple monogram with the TrueLove font, and just interlaced the two letters together.  I didn't use the traditional three letter monogram because it would have been "SSR" and I thought that looked silly.


The embosser was purchased at Wilshire Graphic Press online.  They can custom make anything!!

  I also did the calligraphy on each invite (with the help of a ink jet printer *gasp*)...


the finished invite;  not a very good picture...


I bought these letters at Michael's to put on the bouquets for the bridesmaids, (their first initials);  

Brenna, Laverne, Kimmie, Rachel, Samantha and Veronica


Shoes I selected for the BMs - by Nina (style: 'vespa' in taupe) from DSW  I was lucky to find all of the sizes I needed.

Fabric swatch cards I made to send to the bridesmaids.

Dress worn by BMs- Alfred Sung Dress Style D316 in Carnation Pink (from the Dessy collection)

DIY Seating Chart

 For the seating chart, I took the file I created above to KInko's and had them enlarge it and mount it on foam board, so that it could be displayed  in a frame, and placed on easel at the entrace to the reception.  (click to enlarge)


My mother found a scrapbook and covered it with sage raw silk and glued ribbon in our wedding colors on to for decoration.  She even made a little wedding cake down at the bottom.. cute? 

I designed the title "Our Special Wedding Guests" with matching fonts from the program and invitations, and formatted it in a PDF file and took it to Kinkos for printing on the 12 x12 paper.


DIY Petal Cones

I made the petal cones from 12x12 scrapbook cardstock that matched the pages I purchased for the guestbook (English Floral Embossed Card Stock by K&C Company from Michael's Craft Store.)  I cut the cardstock in quarters and folded it into a cone shape.  Very easy to make - email me for details, or see the tutorial below.


Small tutorial on how I made my petal cones.  (click image to enlarge)

Wedding Ceremony Programs 

click any image to enlarge

I made these out of metallic shimmer cardstock (75lb) in a light sage green and the inside pages out of a sage parchment paper (really pretty) all purchased at Xpedx (near Airport and Lamar). and secured all the pages with a mauve organza ribbon (same ribbon that was used on the invitations.)


For the formating, I just used a MS Word document, changed the margins and divided the page in half, so the program opened like a sideways booklet.  It took me a while to get the pages in order...but they came out great.

Other DIY :

  • Aisle Runner with monogram  and date

I printed the monogram and the date on my home printer.  I then wen to Kinkos and blew up the images REALLY big.  My brother then placed the enlarged image under the fabric that my mother made the aisle runner with, and traced the image, and colored it in with a gold fabric pen from Hobby Lobby.

  • Table numbers, menu, and guest book pages. Table numbers and menus didn't get used, because they were left at home...but I made them the same as I did the invitations, on the same ivory carstock.

monograms I made

we obviously went with the one at the top right.


Unity candle

bought the supplies (sage colored candles and candle ring with flowers in our wedding colors at Michael's. 

Centerpieces mom made... sage/mauve hydrangeas and roses in tall vases.



Signature mats- after they had been signed by guests.  I plan on framing them with some sepia photos from the wedding.

projects not shown

  • Ring pillow (mother made with ivory satin and ribbon).  Crystal teardrops were sewn on each corner of pillow.  This was also accidentaly left home on our wedding day :(  It will go on the bed in our guest room :)
  • All decor (table centerpieces, aisle decor, pew bows, wreaths, card cage, arch decor for chapel, gift bags for BM's gifts, etc. 


Take home food from our 'tasting' with the caterer.  It was so good!  Parmesean Pecan crusted chicen breast with petso sauce.  Grilled Salmon, Chicken florentine, and greenbeans, broccoli , and au gratin potatoes :)


Memory scrapbook my friend, Sandra made!! It was our favorite wedding gift!  She made it, took pictures at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding AND reception- had all the guests sign it all without me knowing, .  THEN, went to her hotel room, printed the pictures, arranged them in the book, and delivered it to us the next day!!  I cried my eyes out when I saw it.  It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for us.  I replaced the picture on the front with our wedding pic.

Pages in the book...

(the weekend before the wedding, a few of my friends came down from Houston to spend the weekend with me to make sure I was stress free- I love them!)  We went on a boat ride on townlake)  -this is what is in the photo below.

...ducks from townlake... some other images of myself and friends.

Pictures from the wedding rehearsal.  I'm so amazed to this day, that she was able to get all these pictures taken and to have all these people sign it behind my back!

images from wedding in book....

photo of chapel and us at the rehearsal dinner.

I couldn't put all the pages in here (I'd bore you to death!) but you get the idea.

yaay opening gifts!  I had DH write down each gift and the person who gave the gift to us, so that when I filled out the Thank You cards, I could write a personalized greeting.

yaay spice rack!

yaaay Pyrex!

yaay..more Pyrex!

You shouldn't have... Pyrex!

Guess what?  More freakin' Pyrex!


Finally Man Gifts!!  A PSP and a Tool Kit!

Yaay China!  Our china pattern is Lenox "Pearl Innocence"  I still need four sets ;)

lots of great gifts!  Thanks everybody!!


Update:  Our new home! - Moved in October 2006

....More Photos to come...thanks for viewing my bio girls!!  Email me if you have questions! 



I loved this movie....lol  I wanted to get married in a chapel just like Kermie and Piggy! :)  Go figure.

About our wedding:


Where: Austin, Texas, Smith Family Chapel at Riverbend Church

Officiant:  Reverend Clinton Daniels

Coordinators:  Linda Smith and Tracy Brown

Where we met:  In college.  He was my Organic Chemistry tutor :)  We dated for about seven years before we got engaged.  (I know...I'm a patient woman)

Colors:  Mauve and Sage

Theme:  Victorian



 Thanks to all the Austin Knotties that helped me through the stressful planning process!!  AggieAsh, KBnAustin06, 2BMrs.K, especially.


And to all those knotties who inspired me. . .

 Abaroo – love her colors, favors, flowers, and cake topper

AggieAsh- loved her stationery and flowers

aeonflux10 – I love that she made her own dress, veil, and seating chart

Amerasianchic- Everything about her wedding was gorgeous, like a fairytale!

Amy2004- Very beautiful, vibrant pictures, cute ring bearer,

AnJ410 – Very simple wedding and very nice ring J


Bcn68 – I loved her invitations and stationery, as well as her dress and bm dresses

Blsbutterfly- cute newsletter idea

Celyn- Designed her own ring and has some very nice monograms


Charlottecirce – absolutely loved her idea for bm dresses!

Chiquita15- loved her grooms cake and table number idea


Cougarbride – Very pretty colors for wedding and great DIY


DaniDoodles – VERY detailed bio and she makes everything!  DIY to the fullest

Drzwife- Very pretty dresses, loved the brooch in her hair; Her centerpieces, gobo and flowers were gorgeous

Girlyhome1- Loved her flowers and cake

Gmpb- beautiful bride

HappyBride1015- She makes great maps!

HappyTxBride- A lot of great info!

Imjoelsbride – beautiful wedding photos



MrsKew- Gorgeous.  Loved the metrorail e-pics




Larisa&Greg- My date twin!  Loved your shoes :)


Missgotrocks- Very classy wedding, nice pics and cute cake

Mizzouwedding- detailed vendor reviews

Monitosgirl- Beautiful programs and invites, loved her veil, flamenco dancer and gobo


Mrsbeachybride- beautiful bride…gorgeous pics



2bMrs.K – very pretty boudoir pics and DIY ideas

Obx5.21.05 – Very pretty invitations and ideas for pin/green

Salsabrosa- My absolute fav! Loved everything about it


Tanuak - cute pics

Tribecbride- nice pics, neat idea for programs



Vendor Reviews!!



DIY, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree,  Ebay

We passed out beveled glass frames with our favorite engagement photo (wrapped in pink craft paper),  clear heart containers with pink after-dinner mints, adorned with an ivory ribbon with gold writing stating our names and wedding date on them.  Also, the petal cones were favors too!  See how I made them below.



Bouquets of Austin  - Stephanie Barro    A+++

She was very professional and gave me EXACTLY what I asked for.  I gave her color swatches of the bridesmaids fabric and what I wanted in my alter arrangements, and she did it!  The were absolutely gorgeous.  I even changed my order at the last minute, (I wanted petals instead of table arrangements) and she accommodated me with no problem. Her prices are very reasonable and she creates a quality product.


 Riverbend Church- Smith Family Chapel    A+++

Beautiful Chapel with a large garden behind it, makes for beautiful pictures.  The location and setting was perfect.


Tracy Brown/ Linda Smith, - Smith Family Chapel  A+++
It was so nice meeting them both, they will do everything and go out of their way to help.  They were great with timing and making sure everything went smoothly.


Engagement: Americus Diamond, San Antonio, TX

Wedding band: Zales Outlet - Techridge

Groom's- Helzberg Diamonds


  Red Lion Hotel 
(now Crowne Plaza)    B+

Overall the facilities were okay... but they were undergoing some renovations a few months before the wedding, and promised to be finished. We were promised new chairs and chandeliers in our ballroom, but we never saw them..  Our coordinator was changed a month before the wedding.  So I was a bit uneasy when I met the new coordinator, because she had no clue what was going on.  At the reception, the food was different than what we chose at the tasting.  The chicken was soggy (some guests said theirs was raw) and the veggies were green beans instead of broccoli like we had chose before.  Also they threw away some items that were left at the reception.   The price was good, but there were some mistakes.  Maybe it's improved since it became Crowne Plaza.


Reception Centerpieces:

DIY - Micheal's Craft Stores, Garden Ridge Pottery, and Hobby Lobby.

Table Runners: 

 Sage Damask- made by my mother

Thank you cards:  

Shutterfly    A+
We purchased the proofs from our photographer, and loaded the photo up to Shutterfly, and got them blank inside so that we could write personal greetings in them. Shipping took about a week.  Everyone loved them.  My mother in law put hers in a frame :)


The Bridesmaids Store, Austin, Tx    A+

Style- D316 , Designer- Alfred Sung, Color - Carnation

All the dresses arrived in a timely fashion, considering I ordered them four months prior to the wedding date.  The arrived in about three weeks before.   The sizes were off on a few of the dresses, so we had to get them altered.  I got extra length on two of them for the taller girls, and didn't need it after all.  Those dresses ended up being too long.  Overall, I liked the style of the dress and the color was perfect.  The store matched a price I got online and they didn't charge me tax!


Texas Soulful Sounds - Deston Day A+++

He was spectacular!  We found him at the very last minute, due to a mishap with a previous DJ.  He met up with us for breakfast, and had a detailed timeline and schedule ready for us the new few days.  He played exactly what we wanted him to play, and paid very close attention during the reception.  I highly recommend him. He will play whatever you tastes are.


Tuxedo Junction/ Gingis Lakeline Mall  -  A-

Riviera tuxedo in black, ivory satin tie, ivory tuxedo shirt with Imperial celery vest.
Vance was very helpful;  They seemed to be busy all the time, and we were slightly disappointed when we found they closed the Houston locations (were a majority of our groomsmen lived.)  So they had to get their tuxes the day before the wedding :(  Luckily they all fit and needed little or no altering.)

Bridal Gown:  

Bridal Fashion, Austin, Tx    A++

Style- 8246 , Designer- PC Mary's, Color - Ivory
Ann and Dan are the nicest and cutest couple.  The own a mom and pop bridal store and dry cleaners.  Ann is so patient, and did alterations for me and a last minute bustle.  Her prices are great and she will haggle.  I saw the dress I wanted a year before we got married, and luckily when I ordered it, it was getting ready to be discontinued, with only one left in my size!  


Michelle's Patisserie  A+++

Michelle is the best.  She was so friendly at the Bridal Show, I liked her right away.  She is very pleasant to work with and she will do absolutely anything you dream up.  Very talented.   I sketched out a cake and gave it to her.. and she did just what I asked.  I told her I wanted strawberries and crème filling and she had a sample waiting for us to pick up in three days!  It was delicious!



Bride:  Purchased at Foley's (now Macy's) in Almeda Mall in Houston.  They were only $7 when I bought them three years ago...

Bridesmaids: Nina "Vespa" t-strap rhinestone sandals purchased at DSW-Arboretum.


Pink Car  A+++++

The pink limo was a hit!  It was so much fun riding in it. Jenny was super patient, considering we were an hour late getting to the church.  Her outfit and shoes even matched the car :)  Highly recommended. Great rates.


Ocho Rios, Jamaica A++ by Sandals Resorts

Jamaica was absolutely beautiful.  Sandals resorts are the best!  All inclusive, and worry free.   Some drawbacks.. Ochos Rios is an hour and a half bus ride from Montego Bay, so there is a long ride.  Definitely stay longer than a week if you can.  You won't want to leave. The staff are super friendly... and they don't even accept tips. 


Guests' block: Drury Inn and Suites, Austin TX A++

Wedding night -Renaissance Hotel A+++

Guests stayed at the Drury... no complaints.  Good prices.  Some bridesmaids and I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel the night before, and hubby and I stayed there the night of the wedding.  Very elegant.. the staff treats you like royalty.  I reserved two nights, but actually only stayed one,  and they didn't even charge me for one night. The concierge is on point.  I recommend the if you're having a spring or summer wedding, try to book this hotel six months in advance for the best rate.  I saved over $150 by doing so. I would definitely recommend staying there. 


Fredericks of Hollywood A++
Barton Creek Mall, Austin, TX

They were super helpful in helping me find a corset and undies for the big day.  The petticoat and veil were from Bridal and Fashion (see review)

Rehearsal Dinner:  

Dave and Buster's, Austin TX A++

Food was great and they have a presentation backdrop so you can play a slideshow while everyone is eating.  

Groomsmen gifts : 

Things Remembered- A++

Engraved Ink pens for groomsmen and an engraved frame for ringbearer.

Bridesmaid Gifts: 

Bath pillow, pink soaps, pink and green makeup bags- purchased by mom.


D&B Visual Events  A++++


David and Bonnie are so great to work with.  They took over 600 proofs and there is not one we don't like.  They were so professional, and so non intrusive I forgot they were there!  They are so organized and coordinated too;  You WILL NOT be disappointed !


Our photographers package included videography for the ceremony and reception.  I really didn't want a videographer, but since it was included, we took it.  I'm SO glad I made the decision!


Reverend Clinton Daniels

He was recommended by a co-worker;  Very personable.  We met with him at his home office and did a few couseling sessions with him.  He was great.


Make-up and Hair:


I did my own hair and makeup, and some of my BM's did their own hair/makeup and I provided them with a makeup artist/ stylist to come to the hotel and provide services. 


Bracelet was made by a friend that makes custom handmade jewelry.  Melanie Conner;  Swarovski crystal and ivory cultured pearls.  Earrings were purchased by my mother at a Bridal Extravaganza here in Austin.

Ceremony Music:

A friend of DH.  She plays classical piano A++

Vocalists: Family friends.


Bride's gift:

Helzberg Diamonds- Barton Creek Mall-

Amethyst tennis bracelet and matching earrings purchased by DH.