Help for Beginners

Beginners at Practice
Before you Play…
♪Check your correct position for the violin/viola.
♪Check your left wrist.
♪Check your bow hand.
Use the above positions as you play.
Make this your habit!
The effort will be worth it!

Be consistent and practice at the same time each day.  ...easier said than done, but it really does save a lot of stress.

What is progress? 
1.  Posture that feels comfortable and is a good habit.
2.  The left hand functions well (good position and can shift and vibrato).
             3.  The right hand functions well (good position).  The arm and hand work to bow                     purposefully.
            4.  The pitch is accurate and the tone is full and pleasing.  This one is for all of us!
            5.  More difficult music is possible.
            6.  Enjoyment is up!
            7.  Loving to play, even practice!

Care and Upkeep of your Instrument
Rosin your bow every day.
Clean off your instrument and bow stick after playing.
Change the strings every 6-9 months.
Check the bridge to make sure it is straight.

from SSA Parent Discussion:
  • Pick 6 things to practice.
  • Light a small candle and let the burning candle be the length of the practice.  (You could mark the small candle if you want less time.)
  • Go on tour.  Play something different in each room.
  • Plan a recital for stuffed animals, dolls, friends, family, etc.

Care and Keeping of the "Set-Up"
    Review those early steps to the perfect Set-Up.  Review every day until your teacher says it's OK to skip days.

Care and Keeping for All of Us
      Review and practice your lesson each day, AND remember to play very slowly anything that is out of tune.

Be clear in your understanding of what your teacher wants you to practice and learn for your next lesson.  Ask questions.  :)

Practice from your written assignment books each day.  Also, read anything that I might have written in your etude or piece and apply...  = faster progress.