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Little Phrases

  • The bow is at a 90-degree angle to the strings.
  • The fingers stay over the fingerboard.
  • Correct posture will help, AND must continue while the player is in motion.
  • A relaxed left thumb and hand make playing in tune so much easier.

--Reminders to Help You Focus

  • Face the bow hair.
  • 1-2-3-4-5-6.  Count your way to correct posture.
  • Focus (the bow path and/or the left hand).
  • Count the pulse.
  • Relax....
  • "Map" the motion for the left hand.
  • Practice slowly.
  • Keep it simple. (Practice on one goal at a time.)
  • Musical success is measured by result, not by good intentions.
  • Bow wrist "Pops-Up" on the upbow.
  • Work easy.
  • Contact point + bow speed + weight = Tone
  • Friction induces string tone.
  • Play in tune and have a singing sound.

  • Advancing Players:  Slow and Steady.  -10   -20   -30   -60-second  bow strokes.  Can you do it?
  • Beginners:  1-2-33-4-5-6.  Balance a Hershey Kiss in the pegbox for -5  -10  -15  -20  -30...  Can you learn to balance your instrument for 2 minutes???

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