Violin Studio

  Family member, Chris Danielson, Concert Violinist. 

Welcome to my Music Studio.
Sherry Danielson,  NCTM


Violin and Viola Instruction
  Richland, WA


The Talia String Quartet is available to play dinners, receptions, etc.
Solo Violin is available, also.

For Music Teacher visitors,
Music Assignment Books
are available

1727 Horn Ave., Richland, WA 99354

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1.  Projects are taking a specific meaning for different students.  "Command Your Tone", "Play Musically", "Hold the Violin Correctly", "Energize Your Sound", etc.  All with due dates.  Hoping these will help students to focus!

2.  Memorizing is so easy for some students and not so easy for others.  I think the ability to listen to the melody and remember that is just easier for some.
My best to Grace, Daniel, Juday, Gregory, Tess, Noni, Eva, and Mayumi for getting on top of their membory ability!

Daniel:  MS Allstate Orchestra
Eva:  concertmistress for the MCYS Cadet Orchestra
Judah:  principal violist for MCYS
Ashleigh:  organizer for the WSU Tri-Cities Orchestra Club

Cadet Orchestra members:  Grace, Taryn, Gregory, Tess, Eva.
Mid-Columbia Youth Symphony:  Daniel, Alexandra, Emma, Judah, Noni.