Violin Studio

  Family member, Chris Danielson, Concert Violinist. 

Welcome to my Music Studio.
Sherry Danielson,  NCTM


Violin and Viola Instruction
  Richland, WA

9/15:  Schedule


For Music Teachers,
Music Assignment Books
are available

Fall Immersion "DOJO"!

Hoping you learned something about practice this summer...

Increase your ability to concentrate.
Increase your tonal spectrum.
Increase your time with the teacher.
Increase your practice time.

October Class will be ensemble and immersion combined.  60+30=90 minutes.  See the Calendar for more dates.

1727 Horn Ave., Richland, WA 99354

You can now pay for your lessons using PayPal or credit card.  Go to  You will see the "Music Lessons" in the menu.


MCCS:  Katherine, Elizabeth, Esther, Mayumi, Rosalie, Morgan
MCYS:  Daniel, Emma, Eva

HHS Orchestra:  Daniel, Eva, Gemma, Charley, Elaina, Tess
RHS Orchestra:  Noelle
KHS Orchestra:  Alexandra
ChHS Orchestra:  Morgan

WSMTA State Conference Honors Recital:  Noni
Musicfestnorthwest honors:  Rosalie, Noni
Welcome to new students!  You know who you are :).