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A feast for your eyes!

Buona Sorpresa "Tasty Treats"

A beautiful bouquet of chocolate roses and hearts, arranged in a rose bowl, A perfect gift for a special someone!

Anniversary, Birthday!

Would make a very original center peice for your wedding tables too!

Have the roses and bowl the colour or theme of your wedding.

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Buona Sorpresa

Prices for Bouquets & Arrangements



My 1st "TASTY TREATS" Sale!

Party Treat Bags!

Tasty Treat Fishing Box


Chocolate covered Framallows! (Marshmallows) Arranged in an Easter Mug.  A very festive way to present a gift for someone special.

This kind of arrangement can be done with any kind of mug. A holiday mug or see below for other samples!

Wrapped with a pretty ribbon, all ready to give!

If you like white chocolate here are some samples of them too!

A rose bowl is also a good display for a yummy treat too! A great Birthday treat for someone special! 

A cute Bunny flower pot is great for Chocolate suckers!

The Simpsons!! Have you ever wanted to BITE Homer's head off!! lol! What a great Birthday treat for the cartoon lover in your life! All done up in a Simpsons mug!

A flower pot full of YUMMY Flowers! All have a cute happy face in the middle. Perfect to cheer up a blah day! 

A ceramic flower pot with 5 Yellow roses and a #1 mom Sucker! Perfect for Mother's Day!

Yummy Ice Cream cones! Vanilla and Milk chocolate! All wrapped up pretty in a fancy Sundea Dish!


Another sample of the flower pot, this one has coloured chocolate Flowers with HAPPY faces in the middle! How cute!


Some Framallow topped pencils. A special year end treat..

And this Mug is for a treacher's THANK YOU!  4 Framallows, and an apple sucker!

These where for my son's class.


A special THANK YOU for a GREAT year! My Son's Teacher got a special mug! Extra apples!

For Prices on any of the items on this page, email me or give me a call!


 Sherri Tamburri


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A cute little egg cup with 3 little chocolate suckers.


Even a pretty pink chocolate for a special occasion.



Suckers are a nice treat for almost anything.

A baby shower favour is nicely displayed in a simple gift bag!

A centerpeice that you can eat!



A class party! Everyone loves chocolate!

Wrapped in a cellophane bag with a pretty ribbin and tag!


Chocolate Crunch Bunnies! White or Milk Chocolate!(Easter Special)





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