Prices for Bouquets & Arrangements
Buona Sorpresa Tasty Treats!

All bouquets and arrangemants can be made bigger or smaller, I can put as many or as few Suckers, and Framallows, in a  bouquet as you would like.

So Prices will depend on how many and of what kind you decide to put in your TASTY TREAT! bouquet!


My Party Platter is another item that can be made to any size, price will depend on size too




Chocolate Prices      

Buona Sorpresa

Sample Pictures A feast for your eyes!



My 1st"TASTY TREATS" Sale!

Party Treat Bags!

Trick OR Tasty Treat!

Tasty Treat Fishing Box


This arrangement has 5 heart suckers and 5 roses, all wrapped and with a ribbon 


Includes the rosebowl and wrapped in a cellophane bag and a pretty Bow.


This Easter mug has 3 double Framallows and 3 single Framallows arranged in a pretty Easter mug with basket fill, with a big pink bow.





This Framallow arrangement has 7 white double framallows and 7 chocolate double, each Framallow is wrapped and tied with a ribbon, and all displayed in a rose bowl.




This 12" PARTY PLATTER has  Oreos, peanut butter cups, licorice red & black, pretzel knots, and Mini-Framallows.

What a nice treat to take to a party!


 Here we go again! Another Simpson's mug!! All the gang with 2 double framallows, and 3 single framallows! In a silly Homer mug!






A very COOL Tackle Tray for all those ANGLERs out there!

Make a very original B-day of Christmas gift!

Unfortunately I am out of these untill the middle of $10.00/each                                                                        November!


If you are interested in one I can add you to a list of interested customers and I will notify you when they are available!


For more ideas and information contact me:
Sherri Tamburri


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