My 1st "TASTY TREATS" Sale!
Buona Sorpresa Tasty Treats

THANKS to all that came to my 1st Tasty treats Sale! It was so much better than I ever imagined it would be!






Chocolate Prices      


Buona Sorpresa


Prices for Bouquets & Arrangements

Sample Pictures A feast for your eyes!

Party Treat Bags!




My table was Full of baskets, Easter mugs, Bowls of Chocolates,  Framallows! AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

Chocolate covered Pretzels, Licorice, Dipped Oreos,as well as Small Framallows and P.B.Cups!(SOLD OUT OF THESE!)

Chocolate suckers, Mini suckers on Pencils, and Lots of Crispy Cups!

All these YUMMY Treats as well as a video of how I get from start to finish product!

THANKS AGAIN TO THOSE WHO CAME, AND if you couldn't make it this time, Im thinking of greaing up for another sale closer to the end of May!
 Enjoy the site! End Hope to hear from you!

 SALE # 2

My Easter Sale did so good, I decided to have a 2nd! In May, BUT Mother Nature was NOT on my side! IT RAINED! BUCKETS that day! Thanks to all the did venture out into the nasty weather for some YUMMY Treats!

I will be having #3  closer to the fall!