Selling real estate for over 17 years in Washington (Spokane) and Arizona, Sherrie's feet always hit the ground running.  Without a moment's delay Sherrie responds to your questions and real estate needs.  Sherrie has been listening to and educating others in real estate and in life for her entire life.  Not living according to others' expectations of her, Sherrie has made bold decisions to find her vocation and not just a job or career.   

Spending a decade in Arizona, Sherrie sold high rise urban condominiums for Optima, including all 120 units of the high rise residential building, Optima Biltmore Towers.  She and her husband, Patrick, recently sold their 14th floor condominium at Biltmore Towers.  Sherrie currently lives and sells real estate in Spokane, Washington.

Hire Sherrie for all your real estate needs.  Think about what you want in a professional real estate agent.  Think about your future home.  
It sounds easy to listen and have meaningful discussions about your next step in real estate.  But it takes a careful and interested professional to guide you as you identify what it is you really want in a home.  

Contact Sherrie at sherrieamartin@comcast.net.

With the intelligence, self motivation and the discipline to see things through, every one of Sherrie's past clients send their friends and family to her as well.  Remember, even if you are not planning to buy or sell real estate in the near future, you probably know someone who is and that someone needs Sherrie Martin as her Real Estate Broker.
The next busy real estate season will be upon us whether or not you take action or not, 
so what are you waiting for?     

Ask yourself these questions
If you are thinking about making an offer on a home, begin with the following questions.                 
~What is this property worth today?  
~What is the selling willing to take (if you have any knowledge of this)?  
~Is there anything wrong with this house?