Ulster Research                                          


 Ulster is one of the four provinces of Ireland, however, only six of its nine counties are found in Northern Ireland - 3 are in the Republic of Ireland and need different search patterns than do the others.

Finding your way through parishes and townlands can be daunting, especially when the same names are being used as both parish and townland names, as well as finding the same townland names in more than one parish.

The answer lies in how the townlands were named.  Most were named for a landmark of some sort - a river or stream, a hill, a fort or castle, the place a certain person lived - many reasons.  A Black Rock can be found almost anywhere, and so to find many townlands named for such a feature is not strange.  Once you know this, even though it doesn't help find the right place, it makes it easier to understand why it was done.

The Ulster Sourcebook looks at each county  in the province, which includes:  Antrim, Armagh, Cavan,  Derry/ Londonderry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan and Tyrone.

I have found the parishes of each county and listed the townlands and towns in each one - all places are in alphabetical order.  I have listed the libraries that serve that area - libraries hold local histories, family histories and in some cases local documents.  I have listed the museums and archives that serve that county where documents are archived, and sometimes photo collections of people and places.

In the back of the book  I have included "Ulster on the Net", a section of URLs for all counties in Ulster - some paid sites, some free sites, some indexes of what is available.   Also in this section I have included a short  dictionary - a selection of descriptive terms used in parish and townland names .

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