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Featuring..... McSnuggles - hand crocheted lap rugs in any TARTAN you can find!  Want a special TARTAN designed for you?  Get in touch using the e-mail link below.

 Sher created "McSnuggles" lap rugs to fill a need for those who are confined to a wheelchair.  However, a lap rug is also nice to have on a chilly winter evening while you relax with the tv or a good book.  Most of the lap rugs Sher makes are still sold to those who spend their days in a wheelchair - most of these being senior citizens. Sher is shown in the photo at the left with a "Cornish Tartan" blanket and the first place ribbons it has won. (In Canada first place is a red ribbon, in the US and possibly other places, first place is a blue ribbon - cordon bleu in France)

There isn't a tartan that can not be crocheted, so if you have a family tartan, or a city tartan, or your national tartan that you want produced in a lap rug, just let Sher know by sending her an e-mail with the link at the bottom of the page.

Would you like to see some of the tartans that Sher  can produce for you?  Click any of the links to view....

Stewart 200 Series - 6 Stewart Tartans

Family Tartans - just a few to show you the variety of colour 

Other Tartans - National Tartans, County Tartans, Family Tartans

Provincial and State Tartans - only Canada and US are shown, but there are tartans for provinces, states and counties from many countries that can be produced into lap rugs.

Note:                                                                                              Lap rugs measure approximately 1 metre x 1 metre (39" x 39")



Doggie Mats and Puppy Snuggies
Available in any tartan 
Take a Doggie Mat  in the car with you when you travel with your pooch; take a Doggie Mat when you go visiting so your best friend can lay down and "be good" while you visit; use a Doggie Mat on the couch or on your dog's favourite chair for added protection;  keep one beside your bed so your dog can sleep near you.  
Doggie Mats are useful anywhere.  They come in  three sizes:
  • Small for Aberdeens,  Westies  and other small breeds
  • Medium for Border Collies, Shelties and other not-so-small dogs
  • Large for Deerhounds, Scotch Collies, Sheep Dogs and other very large breeds                 


Puppy Snuggies are something special ! 

Just for puppies!!

Puppy Snuggies help keep new-born puppies warm.  Is your puppy feeling a little under the weather?  Snuggle him/her into a Puppy Snuggie and see how fast they fall asleep and start on the road to recovery, all snuggly and warm.

Puppy Snuggies come in two sizes depending on the breed of your puppy.  Both sizes are adjustable so they will "grow " with your puppy.

Doggie Mats start at $25

Puppy Snuggies start at $30

Contact Sher for further details:  Sher's e-mail address click here

All McSnuggles lap rugs are made of machine washable and machine dryable yarn for your convenience.  Use caution and wash and dry your lap rug on low or 'gentle' settings. 

All McSnuggles lap rugs are bound with a non-stretch edging so that they will keep their shape for years to come.

All McSnuggles lap rugs are constructed with colourfast yarns so that they will keep their bright colours even if washed 100 times!!

 McSnuggles lap rugs will not look exactly like the tartan cloth of a kilt or other woven garment/item.    Crochet does not create the same effect, but the pattern will certainly be correct.

Contact Sher at:

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