Welcome here, 

I finished my Msc. Economics in 2012 from School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary, University of London. Also, I hold an MA in Philosophy from the American University in Cairo.

Interests in Philosophy:  Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science and Islamic Philosophy. 

Interests in Economics: I am interested in Microeconomic theory with special reference to Game theory, 
Matching theory, Social choice theory and General Equilibrium theory. 

Contact details

E-mail: gamalsalem.sherif "at" gmail.com

Skype ID: sherif"dot"gamal"dot"salem


Education Matching in Egyptian Colleges and the Gale-Shapley Algorithm: Theoretical Comparison with Policy Perspectives (2010), with Tarek Selim,  African Journal of Business and Economics Research. [Link]

Working Papers
Infinitely-Lived Agents via Two Sided Altruism (2010), with Abdelkrim Seghir, working paper. [Link]