Education doesn't mix with the GRE

With 35 shots, that's the best they could do? 

Guess who's never getting their illiterate hands on my kids?

(Hint for education majors: YOU)

Notice, by contrast, that Philosophy only had one entry - as opposed to 35 for "Education" - and did approximately a jillion times better. Notice also that Engineering, the only other field with a comparable number of entries, also did better than Education in every aspect. The only one that was close was Analytical Writing. You want poor writers? Look to education majors, not engineering.

I don't blame teachers for being against teacher-testing. I would be too.

 I don't actually have anything against education as a major - notionally. It's only when their bottom-of-the-intellectual-barrel status gets pointed out, and they bitch-and-whine-and-attack-the-messenger that I get annoyed. I would love SMART education majors. I'm happy to triple teacher pay in order to attract them - coupled with a requirement, naturally, that anyone attaining that salary demonstrate a level of knowledge commensurate with an education major with HIGH gre scores (philosophy level, generally speaking). That, in addition to excellent presentational, organizational, and people-management skills. Yah, teaching's hard - I know, I did it for seven years. I'm more than happy to pay for it. But not idiots. Not idiots who demonstrate no interest in improving THEMSELVES.


(Note that the simple  analysis is on the 2nd sheet.)