Chassis preperation

Officially regarded as restored cars, all the 126 donner car chassis are from 1978 till 1983.

Starting with a bare chassis  

Completely sandblast chassis

Chassis alignment verification on marble plate.

Modified wheel arches to allow for the wider 5.5 inch steel rims.

Standard tire: Fulda 145 /70 / 12

Optional tire: Yokohama 165 / 55 / 12  Type A048

Complete seem welded chassis, with re-enforced sections.

6 point chassis stiffening custom fit roll over bar, welded. FIA specifications.


Standard safety equipment

2 racing seats, steel tube frame.

Period Monte Carlo steering wheel.

4 point race harness 2 inch. 

FIA approved 2 Kg hand held fire extinguisher

Interior & Exterior electric cut off switch.

Front & rear tow hooks. 


Optional FIA approved parts package includes:

race seats fiberglass composite, sizes Medium & Large. 

Adjustable aluminum seat seat rails

6 point race harness 3 inch.

FIA papers for Group 1 with dispensation to run in Group 2. 



Harder front leaf spring and rear coil springs. (3 specs) Gravel, Tarmac & Race.    

Shock absorbers developed by Bilstein exclusively for the FSM-OBR Works team.



Front disc brakes where developed on the Group 2 cars.

Used only for circuit racing & deemed unnecessary for rallying.

On offer as an option.



650 cc Balanced  & blue printed.

Bing Type 54, 36 mm carburator 

Maximum modification cylinder head 38 mm inlet, 33 mm exhaust valve.

Works Pistons. 11:1 CR.

Works camshaft (2 Specs) Rally & Race.

Modified & balanced crankshaft.

Group 2 exhaust in stainless steel.  

Max speed with short ratio gearbox = 135 KPH @ 7000 RPM.

Max Speed with original gearbox = 160 KPH @ 7000 RPM.



Shorter 3rd & 4th gears. several variations available.

Larger modified clutch ( Fiat 127 type)