Monte-Carlo 2008

Monte Carlo Historic Rally Success

Driver : A.Lubiak
Co-Driver : J.Zaleski











Valence, Champ de Mars


Finishing the 2000 Km rally was our goal. We did this with hardly any technical   problems; Featured as one of the stars at the Col de Turini stage . The public support and aclaim was the best reward our team could ever hope for. 

Mission accomplished.

 8th Feb 2008




"Go to the Monte Carlo Historic Rally

With Rally Legend Andrzej Lubiak"

1st to 6th February 2008

Polish Federation launch Warsaw, Poland 18th January 2008




126Group2  2008 





Monte Carlo Historic Rally 2008






Andrzej Lubiak 

FSM-OBR Ex-Works Team Rally / Race driver,   from 1976 to 1985. Now driving the 126Group2 on the Monte Carlo Historic Rally 2008. The experianced Jacek Zaleski will be his co-pilot. 




Why do you have such big eyes 126Group2To see you better Little Red Ridding Hood.


Why do you have such a large stomach 126Group2? To stay on the road longer without stopping.....