Fiat-FSM 126Group2 OBR Ex-Works

Ex-Works Team 126Group2, "Manufacturing FSM-OBR Works 126 Group 2 recreations" as featured in TopGear magasine"

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FSM-OBR Works Team driver Andrzej Lubiak leads the field, Poland circa 1976


A Project born of Passion

We are proud to present this venture comprising some of the most significant figures of the Ex-Works

FSM-OBR Team & two enthusiasts. Our aim is to recreate these Works cars and give enthusiasts like

us the opportunity to enjoy them .

The FSM-OBR Works Team

1974 marked the beginning of the FSM-OBR Works team. Engineer Zbigniew Klimeski as Team Manager

& Jozef Zemanek as Chief Mechanic lead a team of the best specialist in each field. They started to develop

the 126 for Rallying & Racing . The results where spectacular. The cars evolved into all out Race & Rally Winners. Over a period of 14 years they won every National Championship and stared in many international events.

FSM-OBR Works Team timescale

126 Group 1 From ~ 1974 till 1980

126 Group 2 From ~ 1978 till 1983

126 Group A From ~ 1983 till 1988

Why the 126 Group 2

Unquestionably the most elaborate of the FSM-OBR Works developed cars. Our project has chosen to recreate the 126 Group 2 Works rally cars in every technical and esthetic detail. Our cars are constructed to FSM-OBR Works Team FIA Group 2 specifications. Built at our workshops in Bielsko Biala, Poland.

The historic base of the original FSM-OBR Works Team.

The 126Group2 Team

Jozef Zemanek: Chief Mechanic FSM-OBR Works Team 1974 to 1988

Wieslaw Cygan (1944-2012) : Rally & Race driver FSM-OBR Works Team 1975 to 1988

Andrzej Lubiak: Rally & Race driver FSM-OBR Works Team 1976 to 1985

Michal Kumiega: Co-founder Production Manager

Sherif El Sakkaf: Co-founder Marketing Manager

FSM-OBR Works Team: from left to right, Race driver Krzysztof Caputa, Rally & Race driver Andrzej Lubiak, co-driver Maciej Wislawski,Team Manager Zbigniew Klimecki, Chief Mechanic Jozef Zemanek, Mechanic Waldemar Barabasz, Rally & Race driver Janusz Szerla, Team manager assistant Boguslaw Kesicki, unknown, unknown.


Like their forefathers: Abarth, Giannini & Puch. The FSM-OBR 126 Works cars deserve their place in Fiats illustrious Rally & Racing history. The 126 was the last of the small Fiats, officially run by a Fiat Works Team.


This site is dedicate to the memory of the late

Engineer Zbigniew Klimeski Founder Manager of the FSM-OBR Works Team

& Mr. Wieslaw Cygan (1944-2012) Rally & Race driver FSM-OBR Works Team 1975 to 1988

Ewelina Stec, Jozef Zemanek, , Andrzej Lubiak,

Michal Kumiega, Sherif El Sakkaf


THIS SITE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS...... Up-dated 17 August 2019

Fiat 126 Group2 FSM OBR Ex-Works 1978

" Probably the most incredible car we have ever seen ! "