Auto Epoque

Historic Car Show, Lyon, France. 9 - 11 Nov 2007


FSM-OBR Ex-Works Team Race & Rally Driver: Andrzej  Lubiak, French 126Group2 agent: Thierry Massot with company Co-founders Sherif El Sakkaf & Michal Kumiega accompaned by our Chief of administration Ewelina Stec.  

Andrzej Lubiak takes in the French customs. This he believes might help him win the Historic Monte Carlo Rally in February 2008. 


Future 126Group2 Works Driver Niels Villiers.






BBC TOPGEAR magasine visit 126Group2   

August 2007 Issue


    Left to right : BBC Top Gear Magasine: Photograther Stephen Perry, Creative Director

   Charlie Turner, Associat Editor Bill Thomas & 126Group2 UK agent Peter Richardson.


     Group photo with FSM-OBR Ex-Works Team Race & Rally Driver:          

    Andrzej Lubiak, in RED.


     Rally Legend & FSM-OBR Ex-Works Team driver, Andrzej Lubiak.


    Back in the driving seat with 126Group2


    BBC Top Gear Associat Editor; Bill Thomas showing the magasine to FSM-OBR

     Ex-Works Driver, Andrzej Lubiak & Ex-Works Chief Mecanic Jozef Zemanek.


     UK agent Peter Richardson with 126Group2 Technical Director Michal Kumiega.  


     126Group2 Co-founder & Technical Director; Michal Kumiega showing Top Gear  

    Creative Director Charlie Turner, the Group 2 balanced & polished engine internals.  



     The 126Group2 posing in front of our new manufacturing facility. 





Rally Legend "Michelle Mouton" visits 126Group2

Works Audi Rally driver Michele Mouton re-discovering the 126Group2 . A car she competed against during the 1982 Acropolis Rally. FSM-OBR Works Rally driver Wieslaw Cygan & FSM-OBR Works Chief Mechanic Jozef Zemanek delighted to do the honors.


It all seems to have brought bach fond memories and a Big smile from Mrs. Michele Mouton. We thank you for your visit . It was truly an honer.


Michelle Mouton with Wieslaw Cygan.

 FSM-OBR Works Driver Wieslaw Cygan, 126Group2 UK Agents; Mr. &  Mrs. Peter & Sally Richardson & Works FSM-OBR Chief Mechanic Jozef Zemanek.