A century ago, the City of Cudahy's visionaries, including Patrick Cudahy and Mayor Woehsner, took action to preserve public access to the lakefront.  The City purchased lakefront land from the Cudahy Family for the City's first park, initially called "City Park" and later named Sheridan Park.  The City of Cudahy has recognized that our lakefront is a strategic asset in the City and is a catalyst for economic development.  Honoring the foresight of generations before us, we can all play a part in preserving our City's connection to the lake and green space.

In 2014, our community will celebrate the park and the foresight of Patrick Cudahy in setting aside the lakefront area in the City of Cudahy which was dedicated for parkland, preserving this green space for public use.

On February 14, 2014, we plan to rededicate the Patrick Cudahy statue in Sheridan Park and hold a Valentines’ Day dinner celebration at Pulaski Inn.  Activities in Summer 2014 may include a community picnic to mark the end of the school year, a tournament of children's games, history talks and other festivities, culminating in a 4th of July commemoration of the Centennial.  We would like to improve infrastructure, connections, and lighting in Sheridan Park.

Please contact patricia.jursik@milwcnty.com or (414) 278-4231 if you would like to play a role in planning for the Centennial!