Our Story

Sherene Po Inn Cheah

& Peter Michael Milizia 


Sherene grew up in Penang, Malaysia. Upon completing high school, she attended a local college with an American degree transfer program. She transferred to the University at Buffalo in the Spring of 2000, and later earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication and Political Science. Her interest in languages brought her to continue her studies towards a Masters of Arts in Linguistics. Working as a graduate student assistant in the International Admissions office, she was introduced to the world of international education. Her superiors at work urged her to look into a career in higher education and with their constant support, she went on to tackle a doctorate in the field of higher education.

Sherene has completed all doctoral coursework and is writing her dissertation proposal and is working full time as an Admissions Advisor in the International Admissions office at the University at Buffalo.


Peter grew up in Henrietta, New York. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in his freshman semester thinking he was going to be a chemist. Upon realization that his ultimate dreams were elsewhere, he transferred to the University at Buffalo in the Spring of 2000. Having earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, his passion for games led him to earn a Master's of Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

He now works as a Software Developer for Johnson and Johnsons in Rochester. In his spare time, he play games and spends most of his time with Sherene.


A mutual friend introduced Peter and Sherene in the Spring of 2001. She was on her way back to the dormitories while he was sitting with this mutual friend after class. It was not love at first sight... unfortunately.

That summer, Sherene attended summer school and interned in Austin, Texas. As for Peter, he did absolutely nothing. Well...not entirely nothing...

In the middle of that summer, Peter decided to send Sherene an e-mail. He finally received a response after his second e-mail to her. From then on, Peter called Sherene - long distance calls were made almost on a daily basis. His parents discovered the telephone bill unnaturally high. Upon her return from Texas, they got together and the rest as they say was history!


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