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Greetings, fellow tabletop baseball gamer!  And welcome to the internet home for SherCo GRAND SLAM Baseball, celebrating its Fiftieth Anniversary here in 2018!!

Here, you'll find a brief history of the game, news about the game, frequently asked questions (and the answers), our catalog of seasons (you cannot purchase items here ... please visit our friends at ASG Games for all SherCo purchases), podcasts, freebies, and all things SherCo!

First invented in 1968 by Steve LeShay, SherCo went through a number of iterations before landing on the Grand Slam version that was last produced commercially in 1988.  After a period of time in which the game was available through a third-party licensing agreement, the game disappeared from sight.

As fate would have it, an e-mail to LeShay, completely unrelated to the game itself, began a correspondence that led to Steve agreeing to re-license the game to Hot Stove Games to bring the game back to life for long-time customers and to re-introduce a new generation of tabletop gamers to this classic game.

SherCo was the first game that allowed you to play games using charts of the actual, big league stadiums.  It was also the first, and still the only, game that allowed you to see the action unfold on the game board using a stop-action system that allowed you to watch the ball land in the gap while the runners moved from base-to-base ... watch the fielder race over to get to the ball, turn, and fire the ball back toward the infield ... and so on.

Within these pages, we'll tell the story of SherCo, of the re-release, and share house rules, freebies, and more.

Thanks for stopping by.  We thank you for your interest, whether you're new to the game, or whether you're getting re-acquainted with an old friend.

Steve LeShay, SherCo Games, designer
Brien Martin, Hot Stove Games, publisher