If you've found your way here you're either coming from the Book Whispers blog, or you're lost in cyberspace looking for Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, Epic Fantasy, Paranormal Young Adult, Young Adult Fan—well you get the idea! Either way welcome to Book Whispers' official website!

Now I'm sure you're wondering why on earth Book Whispers needs a website? Well honestly I guess it could live without one. However, I get a lot of readers asking me questions. Such as what is the difference between this genre and that genre (namely Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance)? What makes this book a Independent Reader instead of a Young Adult? What is Dystopian? Why do we call it Steampunk, it clearly has Fantasy elements in it? And so on. So instead of creating extra posts and linking them in different pages and hoping readers find them, I decided it would be better just to have a site dedicated to all these beautiful questions!

So if you're wondering what makes a genre what check out the Genres page. If you're puzzled about the age differences and levels that's also located on the Genres page.

If you're still having a hard time finding books for the genre you want feel free to check out the book lists. I show the entire series, picture of the first book and have a "details" section that will tell you the lead characters species, any warnings about the book, what is attractive about that particular series, and other tidbits. You can add it to your Goodreads or Amazon account from there so you can keep track of it! Helping readers find new books is a passion of mine!

The site is always updating so check in periodically for new additions, you can even ask me questions and I might make a special section just for your question! You can get in touch with me threw my Contacts section. Feel free to check out the blog that started Book Whispers where you can find reviews, news, special posts, interviews with authors, and even giveaways!

There is a disclaimer, Book Whispers tends to lean towards Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance more than any other genres, and the lists are totally based on my opinion. However, I always try to be far. I rarely add self-published/Indie books unless I have personally read them and know they're good.

So, I’m proud to reveal the Book Whispers website and I hope it helps other readers with a taste for fangs, blood, and magic!

-Shera (Book Whispers)