Welcome to Shepherds Grove Home Owners Association, typically referred to as SGHOA. We are an active older adult residential community in Greenwood, Indiana located near the intersection of State Road 135 and Smith Valley Road. This website was developed to serve as a resource for our home owners.

If you are new to Shepherds Grove, or just want a refresher on a few things, we have compiled a collection of Home Owner Guides to help you get started. You can also visit our Rules section for copies of our Covenants and Bylaws. Welcome to the neighborhood!


We have created a Navigation section on the top of this page. Click any item on the list above and you will be directed to the appropriate area. There is a title MORE that will list the additional pages on this site. This will be on each page so that at any time you can redirect to another area.

Title Companies

The information most title companies need is found in the Title Companies section.

Maintenance Fees

Monthly maintenance fee is $215 per month.

  • Payments are due monthly on the first of each month

  • Payments can be made by mail or bank bill pay service

  • Send payments to: Main Street Property Management, PO Box 60, South Bend, In 46624

Welcome to our neighborhood

Email Feed

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