I'm a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, and a James Martin Fellow at the Oxford Martin School.

If you want a quick look at the kind of thing I work on, you might start with this paper of mine (free pdf or html at the link) called 'Conscious Action/Zombie Action,' published in the journal Noûs. Or you might start instead with this paper (again free pdf or html) called 'Deciding as Intentional Action: Control over Decisions,' published in the journal Australasian Journal of Philosophy. Or, finally, you might start with 'Conscious Control over Action,' published in Mind & Language.

Currently, I'm at work on a wide range of issues in the philosophy of mind, and in areas of practical ethics that draw on the philosophy of mind. Current projects include a book on the nature of agency (Tentative title: 'The Shape of Action: Control, Consciousness, Knowledge'), a book on the relationships between consciousness, value and moral status (Title: 'Consciousness, Value, and Moral Status' - under contract with Routledge), and papers on the science of consciousness, knowledge of action, motivation and action, the notion that we can 'believe at will,' and more.