A bit about me: I studied journalism in undergrad. For a time, I was a journalist for a small daily newspaper in Vicksburg, MS. I entered grad school in philosophy with no prior philosophical training. Ignorance is either bliss or the absence of bliss's opposite. I got an M.A. at Colorado State: a fantastic place. I then went to Florida State for a Ph.D., where I studied with Al Mele and others. Al's approach to philosophy was very influential for me, and his work on action remains an important touchstone for my own. I wrote on control over action and on consciousness, and on how they come together (and how they do not). When I finished there I took a post-doc at Oxford, at the Centre for Neuroethics, which is with the Faculty of Philosophy. After a year in that post-doc, I was awarded a three-year Wellcome Trust Fellowship, and (separately) a Junior Research Fellowship at Jesus College.

I work on issues in the philosophy of mind/cognitive science, in action theory and in neuroethics. I'm writing a book on the nature of agency (Tentative title: 'The Shape of Action: Control, Consciousness, Knowledge'). And I'm writing a series of papers - maybe a book one day - on the moral significance of consciousness.