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Family Resource Centers are often thought of as the place in a school where a family can go to receive a coat for a child,
or school supplies.  While Family Resource Centers do provide these important services, the
y also offer many
more programs, services and referrals.

May offer or refer to Support Groups for: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Families Dealing with Divorce, Pregnant and Parenting Teens, Grief, Autism, ADHD, Children with Special Needs, KY Impact.

Referrals to Basic Parenting Classes, Parents as Teachers, H.A.N.D.S. Program.

Health Services such as: Coordination of Immunizations, Dental programs such as Local dentists, Colgate Dental Vans, Smile Kentucky Dental Health, Health Fairs, Coordination of school programs such as Nurse, Vision and Hearing Referrals and programs, LICE Prevention and Education, Coordination of Individual and group counseling services with local mental health services, Assistance with applying for KCHIP, Passport or Medicaid, Drug and alcohol prevention.

Budgeting workshops, homework help, referrals to Family Literacy Programs, GED program referrals, Home visits, Coordinator of Childcare Provider Trainings, Bullying Prevention, Before and after school programs, referrals to KY PIRC

Summer Programming such as referrals to Summer Camps, on site summer camp week for children with emotional disabilities, Coordination of the summer feeding program at our school, Transition programs for students moving into Middle School, and Middle to High School

Resource Libraries for parents with videos and brochures, information from websites, etc.

Early Childhood Programs, Back to School Festivals, Job Shadowing and job readiness referrals for parents.

Work skills trainings for parents  (resume writing, job interview skills, career days)

Assistance with school supplies, school uniforms, clothing, coats, belts, referrals to food banks, coordination of in school mentoring programs, Safety Awareness Programs

Housing Referrals.