Yiran Shen,
SMART Scholar,
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

CSIRO & University of New South Wales


I am now working as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in SMART. 

I obtained my PhD at University of New South Wales where I was supervised by Professor Chun Tung Chou and Dr Wen Hu.

Recent Activities:

2014.10 Invited to serve as TPC member of IEEE ISSNIP 2015

2014.09 Start Working at SMART

2014.07 I was awarded Smart Scholar Fellowship!

2014.06 Thesis Approved.

2014.01.13 The paper of "Robust and Efficient Face Recognition on Smartphones", Yiran Shen, Wen Hu, Mingrui Yang, Bo Wei, Simon Lucey and Chun Tung Chou is accepted by IPSN'14

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