Airfield History

Airfield History

posted 10 Mar 2012, 00:49 by Janet Atherton

At the gliding club's 10 anniversary, an attempt was made to capture the history to date including the period of WW2 to 2000. 

RAF Edgehill Mapping

posted 10 Mar 2012, 00:44 by Janet Atherton   [ updated 10 Mar 2012, 02:53 ]

Many of the original buildings and runways are still in use or visible to walk around.  One of our club members, Mark Hampson, has conducted a full survey of the site using the reference RAF Edghill Charts which are available below.
Also below is an aerial view of the airfield circa 1990, you can see the remaining runways after the quarrying work in the 1980s and also some gliders flying, launching and landing. 

Remembering the Whittle Jet

posted 10 Mar 2012, 00:40 by Janet Atherton

Its been 70 years since the first British Jet flew from RAF Edgehill (now known as Shenington Airfield where we operate from), and at Shenington we celbrated with an Open day in February which was really well attended by local public and friends of the airifield.  We had exhibition displays from the Jet Age Museum at Staverton where the Gloster E28/39 was first built, another from the Midland Air Museum from Coventry who brought information about the jet and Sir Frank Whittle himself (the designer of the jet engine), and they also gave a talk on the importance of the Whittle jet, this was well attended by club members and many who stayed from the open day.
Below is the original poster and the write up we had in the Stratford Herald.

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