Sheng Wang 王 胜

Second Year PhD Student, My Resume
Computer Science, School of Science, RMIT University,

Room 14.10.32, Melbourne 3001 Victoria, Australia,

Email: sheng dot wang AT

Research Interests

  • Trajectory Search and Exploration
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • Spatial Keyword Query
  • Trip Planning
  • Time Series Data Analytics



  • Sheng Wang, Zhifeng Bao, Shane Culpepper, Timos Sellis, Mark Sanderson, Xiaolin Qin. Answering Top-k Exemplar Trajectory Queries. ICDE 2017, pp 597-608, San Diego, US.(ERA/CORE A*).
  • Sheng Wang,  Xiaolin Qin, Zhifeng Bao, Bohan Li.  Tide-tree: a Self-tuning Indexing Scheme for Hybrid Storage System. World Wide Web Journal, 2017, 20 (5), 1017-1045.(ERA/CORE A).
  • Sheng Wang, Zhifeng Bao, Shane Culpepper, Timos Sellis, Mark Sanderson, Munkh-Erdene Yadamjav.  Interactive Trip Planning Using Activity Trajectories. ADCS 2016, pp 77-80, Monash, Australia.
  • Sheng Wang, Xiaolin Qin, Yao Shen, Bohan Li, Wenhao Shi . Research on Durable CSB+-Tree Indexing Technology. Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science and Technology, 2015, 9(2): 182-192.
  • Shen Yao, Xiaolin Qin, Sheng Wang, Ning Wang. An Energy Management Strategy on IaaS. Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2014, 10(17): 7369-7381.
  • Shen Yao, Ping Lu, Xiaolin Qin, Yuming Qian, and Sheng Wang. "Efficient Query Algorithm of Coallocation-Parallel-Hash-Join in the Cloud Data Center." In International Conference on Cloud Computing and Security, 2015, pp. 306-320, Nanjing, China. Springer International Publishing. (Best Paper Award)
  • Wenhao Shi, Guohua Jiang, Xiaolin Qin, Sheng Wang. Access control model research for HDFS based on user trust value. Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science and Technology, 2016, 10(1):25-35.


  • Stravo: a novel time series data processing framework for intelligent analytics.
  • RkNNT: a basic tool to cluster those potential passengers for a route in an existing bus network based on transition data.
  • ETQ: a non-repetitive expansion-based searching framework for exemplar trajectory query.



  • 2014, SI, "Durable Main-memory Indexing Technology under Cloud Environment", SJZZ_043, Funding of Jiangsu Innovation Program for Graduate Education, ¥10000.

Professional Services

  • External reviewer of SIGIR 2017, VLDB 2017, ICDE 2017, CIKM 2017, SIGIR 2016, VLDB 2016.
  • ACM Student Member (SIGIR).
  • IEEE Student Member.


    • 2017 Semester 2: Marking Assistant, Java Programming 1(COSC2135OUA) .
    • 2017 Semester 1: Tutor, Big Data Infrastructure (COSC2636), Course Experience Survey.
    • 2016 Semester 2: Marking Assistant, Java Programming 1(COSC2135OUA)  .


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