Jinfei Sheng
PhD Candidate in Finance
Sauder School of Business
University of British Columbia

Research Interests: 
Empirical Asset Pricing, Investments, Information Economics
Financial Intermediation

Working Papers
- 2017 EFA, 2017 Yale Whitebox Advisors Conference, 2017 AFA Poster Session, 2016 NFA, 2016 LBS TADC

- 2017 FIRS, 2016 ASU Sonoran Winter Finance Conference, 2016 NFA, 2016 CICF
- 2017 EFA, 2017 NFA, 2017 CICF, 2017 Finance Down Under Conference

(with Yun KeKin Lo, and Jenny Zhang)
- 2015 AAA, 2015 CAAA, 2015 LBS TADC

- 2014 Econometric Society Summer Meeting, 2014 NFA

Work in Progress
Are Demographics Responsible for the Declining Interest Rates? Evidence from U.S. MSAs
(with Jack Favilukis[preliminary draft available upon request]

InstructorUniversity of British Columbia, 2015.
- Corporate Finance (Undergraduate, Syllabus), Evaluation: 4.5/5, Paul Chwelos Teaching Excellence Award.