OS 90 Huntington Wellfield
OS 90.01 Huntington Wellfield, OS 90.02 (formerly OS 13) Serene Drive, OS 90.03 (formerly OS 125) Lane Street

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Location: Huntington Street, Sycamore Drive, Serene Drive, Lane Street.

Features:  Junction of Far Mill River and Means Brook, Shelton Lakes Recreation Path, additional unmarked trails, adjacent to the Land Trust Meadow, site of former beaver dam.

Landkeepers:  GS Troop 363 adopted the open space east of the river in 2007.

Parking & Access: 

1. East of the river: From the western terminus of Sycamore Drive there is a major, unmarked trail leading to the river and to the Land Trust meadow.   At low water, the river may be crossed with proper footwear.  The property may also be accessed via Lane Street and via the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path.  See sheltontrails.org for more information.

2. West of the river: From Huntington Street, park at the white open space sign across from Maple Lane.  An unmarked but easily followed trail leads to the river.   This parking area needs improvement as vehicles may become mired in mud.

History: The Huntington Wellfield property 90.01 was purchased from the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company in 1998 as part of a city-wide buy-out of surplus watershed lands.  The two smaller parcels were acquired by subdivision regulations.


OS 90.01 - Chronic problems with paintball, airsoft (BB guns), ATV & dirtbike activities, parties, littering, removal of signage, dumping of lawn debris off the end of Sycamore Drive.  Access trail off Sycamore Drive was block by boulders to reduce ATV traffic in 2006; ATV owners contacted.  Reference ENC 06-14.

OS 90.03 - the property line was surveyed and a split rail fence was installed to prevent further encroachments.  References ENC 06-09 and ENC 06-10.