Welcome to Mrs. Shelton's 
3rd Grade!

It's not easy being green, but we're working at it!



School Information:

Matthew Turner Elementary School

540 Rose Drive

Benicia, CA 94510



(707) 751-2309


Classroom Info.:

Mrs. Shelton's room is located in Room 15 on the Matthew Turner campus. 


Meet the Teacher!


Student News

Who’s our Top Bee? 

Our Top Bee is a student who has been

working hard to do better in class. 

We recognize this student by awarding

them the Top Bee!  Congratulations!


You can check the accelerated reader website

to see what books would meet your

student’s needs best.

Click on the link below:


Websites for Kids

Here are some great sites to share at home with your child.  If you are a student, make sure to get permission from your parents first!


ReadingTextbook Math Textbook Science Textbook

Social Studies Textbook 

Time for Kids

Discovery Kids

Brain Pop


e-Scrip for Turner!

Have you signed up for e-Scrip to support the school with the purchases that you are already making?

Just by using the cards you already use on a regular basis now, you can be earning extra money for school supplies, assemblies, and field trips for the school.

How do you do it?

It's simple!  Register your Safeway Club Card and other cards you use often at www.escrip.com and earn money instantly for the school.  Or you can use the application form sent home with your student and return it filled out.

This is a nationwide program so ask relatives all over the country to join and help earn money for the activities we love to do.

Need more info?

Ask Mrs. Shelton!

 I'm so excited to start

the new 2009-2010 school year! We have a lot planned for this school year like projects, field trips, and buddy classes.  This website will be a great place to check out information regarding homework and class information.  If there's something you think we might be missing feel free to e-mail Mrs. Shelton at bshelton@beniciaunified.org.


Elmer's Glue Crew Challenge

  I wanted to let you know that we have become participants in the Elmer’s Glue Crew challenge for the 2009-2010 school year.  We will be collecting empty glue sticks and glue bottles from the whole school so that they can be recycled.  You can help at home by saving your empty glue sticks and bottles and sending them into our class.  You can also ask older siblings, close neighbors, or other family members if they can give you their empty glue sticks and bottles as well.  Our goal is to collect at least 100 empty glue sticks or bottles by the end of the year!  I am attaching the parent letter from the program and including a link for more information as well.  Thanks for helping us go green and as always, if you have any questions please feel

free to ask!




Please bring in your empty ink cartridges to our class so that they can be recycled and the school can earn some extra money!  The class at the end of the year that brings in the most recyclables for the computer lab will get an extra special prize at the end of the year!  These items could

include cell phones and batteries as well!

  Book Orders Due

 We will be submitting book orders using Scholastic this school year.  Our next book order will be going home in the middle of February and can be submitted to the teacher or completed online!  You can go to  www.scholastic.com to submit your book order online.  We will be submitting book orders about once a month!  Take advantage of the opportunity to read with your child everyday!

Box Tops and Soup Labels!

Each year our

school collects box tops and soup labels to earn a couple of extra dollars.  Please ask anyone you know to save these items for you and then bring them into the class to put into our envelope.  Our goal is to bring in more box tops and labels than any other class!


homework highlights

Homework Helper!

Click on the words "Homework Helper" to see this weeks spelling words, Paragraph of the Week topic or Current Event topic, and get an idea what we're studying in the other areas as well.

What are we doing in the classroom?

Reading: Yummi and Halmoni's Trip by Sook Nyui Choi
Writing: Narrative
Math: Topic 16-Customary Measurement 
Social Studies: City Hall and Citizenship
Science:  TBA


  Our next field trip is to the Benicia City Hall on Thursday, March 18th.  Students are responsible for completing their City Hall writing each night and studying their vocabulary and definitions for the test on Friday.  Good luck and study hard!


Planet Class Project:



  With your science group you will need to make sure that each person has a job and is responsible for their part of the project.  You will be working together in class, but each person will need to show me what they did to help complete their project.


   Each planet project will need to include information on the following:

·History of the Planet- Where did its name come from?  What did people know about it before today's technology?

·Appearance- What does it look like?  What is it made of?  Give specific details, don't just say it's red!

·List the Facts- Diameter, Average distance from the Sun, Surface temperature, Length of day, Length of year, Number of Moons

·Missions- Have there been any missions to your planet?  How many and when?

·Interesting Information- What other interesting facts did you find out?

·Illustration- Make a hand-drawn and colored illustration of your planet.


  You will need to write down the above information in your writing notebook before writing your script for the digital storybook.  Remember, you will need to put as much of it in your own words as possible because you will be reading the information aloud. 

  I will let you use the books I have checked out from the public library here in class, but you will not be able to bring them home to use.  You can also bring in other information from home that you have found on the internet.


Group jobs are:

·Historian- You will need to look up the history of the planet and any missions that have taken place there.

·Fact Finder- You will need to look up the facts that are related to the planet and find interesting facts.

·Artistic Eye- You will need to research the appearance of the planet, find pictures for the story, and hand-draw a picture of the planet.


If your group has three people in it, each person will have one job.  If your group has two people in it, then the two of you will share the "Artistic Eye" job.