Cash for Work

A technical working group was held in Leogane to discuss cash for work guidelines and recommendation for construction programmes. The following guideline is the outcomes of the working group which has also been endorsed by the Cluster.

Construction Cash for Work Guideline:
Note: The guideline aims at shelter construction on individual sites, not for the construction of large camps where beneficiary participation might be harder to achieve.

1. The preparation of T shelter material, pre-cutting and potential preassembling is done by paid workers or contractors.
2. Land preparation should be done by the family when possible. If the rubble removal or land preparation requires large manpower or equipment, NGOs may provide assistance through provision of toolkits, CFW or the intervention of mechanical equipments.
3. Cash for Work scheme is usually restricted to works of public interest. Organization should pay attention to the implications of having CFW beneficiaries working on private housing site clearing or construction. The construction/assembling of the shelter is done by a team constituted of one or several paid qualified workers (carpenters, masons), and several non-paid labours from the beneficiary family or community.
4. Organizations should provide appropriate insurance coverage for their daily workers or CFW beneficiaries.

Recommended salaries

These are the recommended net daily rates in Haitian Gourdes, for 8h work daily:
- Recommended for Labourer = 200 to 250 Gds.
- Recommended for Skilled Carpenter = 600 to 650 Gds.

These will be subjected to periodic revision.

Gouvernment of Haiti's
Cash for Work Procedure Guideline

24 Jun 2010, 07:47