Transitional Shelter Designs

Transitional Shelter design packages from Agencies and Organisations members of the Shelter Cluster Haiti

This library of best practices depicts only Transitional Shelter designs that meet the minimum standards (agreed among and within the Shelter Cluster) in reference to size, construction and materials. This library is for use by designers looking for alternative solutions to their Transitional Shelter challenges and for the public to have a visual sense of the engineering, design and construction currently underway in Haiti.

Organizations that have not already shared their Transitional Shelter designs are invited to submit their documents (in .pdf).

Please do not hesitate to call or email
Francesca Lubrano (3485 0302) if you have any questions about this matter.

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Concern Worldwide
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Habitat for Humanity 
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UNOPS offered a free wind load analysis of transitional shelter design on behalf of the IASC Shelter Cluster to any Shelter agency that required technical support.
  • Wind load analysis for Category 1* wind loads (174 kph) of the structure which is the minimum wind load criteria agreed upon by the Shelter cluster
  • Observations and recommendations on where the structure is failing and recommendation on where it requires improvement
The service did not include advice on how to upgrade or redesign the structure. 

The purpose of this service was to offer an opportunity to those implementing Transitional Shelter Programmes to make use of an independent review. The intention was to provide a means to diagnose the quality and the standards of transitional shelters built in Haiti, particularly for agencies that did not have access to detailed structural engineering capacity. 

Evaluations were done on a strictly confidential basis and UNOPS will not publicize any analysis results. Findings/recommendations were returned only to the individual agency and to the Shelter/NFI Cluster. 

The de
adline for submission of T/Shelter design to UNOPS was 18 July 2010. UNOPS is no longer accepting submissions.

UNOPS encourages Shelter agencies to visit their offices at UN Logbase for more detailed information on the methodology used for this analysis and for further details.

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*Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale in which Category 1 is defined as 119–153 kilometers per hour with gusts up to 174 kph.