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Facts and figures

To get an in-depth view off all data related to emergency and transitional shelter in Haiti, please go to the Information Management and the Field Hubs sections of the website. 

To get a quick overview of what has been achieved, what is planned and what the main challenges are for shelter agencies, please feel free to download the graphic "Shelter in Haiti" below. 

It is creative commons licensed (cc by-nd) so please feel free to share it.

08 November 2010
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Some additional figures related to shelter in Haiti:

  • If you laid all tarpaulins that have been distributed by Shelter Cluster agencies end on end, they'd reach from New York City to Panama City, Lisbon to Moscow, New Delhi to Beijing or Nairobi to Baghdad.

  • The earthquake created approximately 20 million cubic meters (26 million cubic yards) of debris that have to be removed.  To put this into perspective: after the Pakistan earthquake in 2005, that number was 2.3 million cubic meters (3 million cubic yards). 

  • If you put all the debris in shipping containers and put them end on end, they would reach from London to Jerusalem or  New York to Las Vegas. The majority of Haitians are removing debris from their plots by hand.

  • Over 18 months, Shelter Cluster agencies are planning to build approximately 135,000 transitional shelters. These will provide safe places to live for approximately 675,000 people. This is more than the number of people living in the city of Boston.

  • Shelter Cluster agencies are planning to build enough transitional shelters for 55,000 people per month. This equals the population of Cheyenne, WY, USA; Schweinfurt, Germany; Hereford, UK; Limerick, Ireland; Roskilde, Denmark or Katras, India.

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