Map room

Welcome to the Shelter Cluster Map room. The Map room provides you 
with access to the complete set of maps produced and provided by the SC since it began work.  The maps are arranged into seven sections – Areas of intervention shelter partners, Who what where (3W), Shelter Completion, Wash/ shelter, Emergency response, Camps Priority and Achived maps  produced last year. The SC will continue to produce new maps, so please check this page regularly for updates.

Areas of Intervention Shelter Partners

These maps provide basic information about the areas where our shelter partners are implementing their shelters in Haiti. These maps are intended to help you to orient yourself within the country.
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Who does what where (3W)

These maps  are produced to help you to know which organisations are carrying out which activities in which locations - in other words, Who is doing What Where. 
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Shelter Progress

To support coordination in Haiti, the SC is tracking project Completion. In order to do this, a database has been created that collect information about how many shelters are planned, How many are already built by organizations, commune and section communal. 

Emergency Response

The Shelter Cluster coordination team and Shelter Cluster agencies are working with national and locagovernment authorities and also with other clusters on shelter mitigation initiatives such as emergency shelter protection, stock prepositioning, contingency planning for evacuations, public safety messaging through SMS and stockpiling of non-food items.
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6 camps and 16 Priority neighborhoods Maps

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Archived Maps 2010 

this section contains all the maps produced last year. Please click here to go to Archived Maps