Contingency plan 2011

The Haitian population faces an enormous challenge during this year's hurricane season: hundreds 
ofthousands of people are still living in tents and under tarps while meteorologists are anticipating an above average number of storms and hurricanes this season in the Caribbean as well as an above average rainfall in Haiti between August and October.

Evacuation plans are being developed in a number of districts, but while these may protect the most vulnerable, there is currently not enough capacity to protect the majority of the at risk population.

The Shelter Cluster coordination team and Shelter Cluster agencies are working wi

th national and local government authorities and also with other clusters on shelter mitigation initiatives such as emergency shelter protection, stock prepositioning, contingency planning for evacuations, public safety messaging through SMS and stockpiling of non-food items. In parallel agencies are working on plans to replace

emergency shelters that might get destroyed by rain or strong winds. 

During the Rainy/Hurricane season we will publish documents and links.
Inputs are welcome from our partners. 
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