About the Cluster

The Cluster system

Following a 2005 review of international responses to humanitarian emergencies, known as the Humanitarian Response Review, the cluster approach was proposed as a way of addressing gaps and strengthening effectiveness.

By clarifying the division of labour, and better defining organisations’ roles and responsibilities, the cluster approach helps ensure predictability and accountability, and creates a more structured, accountable and professional system.

More information on Cluster System can be found on Humanitarian Reform Website

The Global Shelter Cluster

The Shelter Cluster is co-chaired by UNHCR and IFRC. UNHCR leads the Emergency Shelter Cluster in the area of conflict generated IDPs while IFRC is convener of the Emergency Shelter Cluster in disaster situations.

For more information, Frequently Asked Questions Booklet (also in French) also explains IFRC roles and responsibility as the shelter cluster's convener.  Also see shelter section of the Humanitarian Reform website.

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 Video from Mark Cutts (OCHA) explaining the Humanitarian Reform: