The Shell Point Model Yacht Club (SPMYC)  was established in 2008 by Charlie Picek, an avid model builder
 and racer. Charlie moved to Florida from the Chesapeake Bay area where he was instrumental in the operation and development of the Blue Heron Yacht Club. 
The SPMYC races the "Victoria" class sailboats. These boats are radio controlled and their approximate size
 is 30" long by 7.5 " wide with a draft of about 9". The Victoria class sailboat was selected because of it's
 convenient size. It will easily fit into the trunk or back seat of a car or in a golf cart. It is also an exceptional realistic sailor, handling just like a real boat. It is the third most popular boat in the American Model Yacht Association (AMYA)
 registration. Please see the "Victoria Model Sailboat" page of this
 website for a detailed description of the Victoria.
Races are held every Wednesday and Saturday morning at the Woodlands lake.
Starting time is 10:15am. We have five heats and sometimes more depending on the weather
 and the condition of the captains. We always welcome spectators and new sailors.

                                                                                                Current Officers
                                                  Commodore                  John Chamberlin
                                            Vice Commodore                 Ken Peterson
                                            Member at Large                 Rick Rochat
                               Shell Point Representative