Thank You Scrolls

I have been playing with calligraphy and illumination since April 2008.  My Shire asked me to do the teacher thank you notes for our event in June.  Here they are: 

The idea for this scroll came from the Rencentral website

It is a great site and I have learned a ton from it.

The lady on the left is copied from a 14th century Austrian manuscript.
























This is another manuscript that came from instructions from the rencentral site.

























This is based on French 15th century manuscripts.  The boat miniature comes from a 17th century manuscript.



























This scroll is based on the Psalter of Saint Louis from 1260 Paris.

I can't find a good color I like for the orangey-red.  This is way too brown for my taste.
























Some French bars and ivey with a miniature form a 14th century manuscript.





























This border was a pre-print I got at Gulf Wars.  The people at Gulf Wars told me that it was a Meridian scroll, but no one in Meridies that I've talked to has ever seen it.  I painted it and added the calligraphy and the Shire arms at the bottom.