Here is my Steampunk project for DragonCon 2009.

So I wanted to go to DragonCon a few years ago as Queen Victoria....





























So I made a corset, chemise, and drawers...and ran out of time to do the dress.


Then I was pregnant last year for DragonCon, so a Victorian corset outfit was out.

Then, I saw all the awesome Steampunk costumes and I knew what I wanted to do...Steampunk Victoria.
















































Here is the bustle, how did this EVER get to be the style anywhere? But it is super-fun to wear.


























































Then, to keep your bustle wires from showing, you need another petticoat.

I splurged on trim and made my first ever tucks.  I love the, apparently the Victorians used the tucks not only as decoration, but to stiffen the petticoat to support the bulky skirts.





















Also, I'm wearing my wedding earrings.  I didn''t think I would wear them again, but Victoria needs a lot of bling.


























I got all of this broze taffeta for about $15 at a fabric warehouse sale.  It was five yards of double wide taffeta. I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but it is the perfect color for Steampunk.  (p.s. I know Queen Victoria is known for wearing black, but this is a still-married-to-Albert version of Victoria)





















I made the trim for the neckline, sleeves, and jacket bottom by making a 30 yard tube of the fabric and gathering it to form a ruffle.  It took forever to turn the tube inside out.























The selvedge edge of the fabric had about an 8 inch space where there was no decoration, so I used it to make the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt.























There is a basque waist on the bustle, but it is hard to see in the picture.





























Here is my Queen Victoria sash with Steampunk-ish medals.

I also made a Victorian chatelain to hold important accessories.

























The rest of the accesories are in the works...