Sideless Surcote

Also known as the "Gates of Hell" Dress.  I used the Burda pattern on this one.  This was my first SCA garb. 

This is the underdress to the sideless surcote.  It laces in the back and has weird laces sleeves with a fake sleeve underneath.  If I made it again, I would skip tha undersleeve.

This was my first garb, and the dress is made of muslin.  I made it really quickly because we wanted to go to an event as soon as possible.

This outfit also reminds me of the women who live in the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Not exactly the look I was going for...



















Back view.  I used little metal eyelets that don't have a back washer.  The often pop out of the hole and I have to stick them back in.  Oh well, another lesson learned.
























This was made with a "linen-look" fabric from Joanns.  It looked fine in the store, but in reality looks kinda plastic, so I don't wear it much.


























Side view.  The belt is visible under the surcote.





























The pattern had a different facing on the bottom third.  I really don't know why the whole thing wasn't lined, but I faced it with pink.  Sometimes it shows when I'm walking or sitting.
























Here is the belt.  I made it to go with another outfit, but it works nicely here.  It is some fat gold trim from Joanns with fake pearls and red glass beads all along it.