Random Costumes

Here are some random costumes I made for DragonCon, Larps, Halloween, etc...Mostly these were made before I joined the SCA.

This is the first thing I ever sewed.  I recieved my sewing machine for a wedding present (I got married on June 11, 2005).  This was what I made on Summer Break.  The top has a terrible fit, but I didn't know at that point that pattern sizes weren't based on what you wear when buying clothes, so all in all, I'm surprised it fit as well as it did.























This is the original costume I made for the LARP Legynds.  I was going to be a mage, but I discovered I liked hitting things a lot better.  It is a McCall's pattern that looks horrific in the catalogue...they make it up with this really shiny fabric, but looked pretty nice in reality.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about preshrinking at this point, so this dress now hangs about a foot off the floor.  It was a good life lesson.














I also didn't yet know about boning the lacing channels...you can really see my bra.  Whoops.





























My medusa costume...It involved no sewing, just a lot of safety pins.  I have tons of plastic snakes pinned in my hair, but no pics of that.




























So every good nerd needs a star wars costume... Right?  This one is made from the simplicity pattern and it is great fun to wear at the Con.  It is just made of Muslin, so it was super inexpensive.  I actually got interviewed for the local news in this and my Principal saw it.  So I was outed at school.  Later I wore this to Halloween at my school and my students gave me a lightsaber from christmas.













I was laughing too hard to take this with a straight face.






















...and with the Droids.  DragonCon is too cool.





















Alice in Wonderland from a McCalls (I think) Wizard of Oz pattern.  Turns out I was the only "normal" Alice at the Con.



























Offering Jabba some of my "Drink Me" potion.



























So I'm a history teacher...makes me a bit nerdy.  My husband actually came up with this idea as I was trying to think of famous redheads in history.  This is the outfit I wore to DragonCon and also to Halloween at my school. 

This is the colonial pattern from Simplicity.



















































With quill pen and Declaration of Independance.  I got a parchment copy of the Declaration and scratched all the names off and got people to sign it at the Con.
























This is my Legynds Garb, for the Larp I used to play.  Now SCA taked up too much time.  It is the Lord of the Rings tabard Pattern made into two pieces.

























This is my Victorian Corset, chemise, and drawers.  I was going to do a Queen Victoria costume for the Con but I joined SCA and I decided to do period garb instead, but since I had already made the corset, I wore it to DragonCon.



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