Meridies Map

Here is the map I made of Meridies.   I have always been fascinated by maps and I thought this would make a really fun project.  I entered in and my Red Tudor Gown in a regional faire, Magna Faire, and I won the overall prize.  It was really great because it was my first time evern entering an A&S competition.

Here is the work in-progress.  This is the night I started it.






















I'm using the Catalan Atlas, a 14th century work, as my inspiration.

The Baronies are represented by a walled castle, whereas the shires are a bit smaller.















































Here it is with a bit more work, you can now see the states that make up the kingdom.





















And here is the lining finally done!  Now for painting...




















Here is the big map finished.  I had a lot of trouble with the green and the black streaking.  I never got it worked out. Sigh.


















Close-up of the Atlanta...err...South Downs area.  The castles came from the Catalan Atlas also.




















The title of the map, taken from a map of London.  I wanted something really impressive for the title, and I thought this was pretty good.


















Three Kings.  Also, there is a piece of the Appalachian mountains and a tree.





















The compass rose.























Musicians...filling up a blank space in South Alabama.




















King of Meridies (okay, really in the Catalan Atlas he's Alexander the Great)





















Queen of Meridies (Originally she was the Queen of Sheba) with the Meridian badge.




















Group arms arranged in alphabetical order.





























Some more crests.  Unfortunately the owl for my shire has a pea head.