Maria de Medici Jewelry
This lady had a lot of bling...

When I decided to make the Maria de Medici gown, Ididn't give a whole lot of thought to the jewelry, I was mostly excited about the partlet.  But now, with the gown nearing compeltion, I need the set of jewelry.

And whoa...does she have a lot of jewelry.

So I set out with the aid of my trusted jewelry advisor Odette to make the girdle, shoulder necklace, pearl necklace and headband. (I'm sure there are better names for these pieces, but I don't know what they are)















So, like all good costumers, I hurried to the internet to see what I could find.  I found some nice brass bits at

and sent my order in.


Here is what I ended up with...




















Odette showed me how to wire all the pieces together, it is much sturdier than I would have thought.

She also taught me how to knot the pearls.

Here is the headpiece, pearl necklace and big necklace..the big necklace doesn't have a back yet because I ran out of the circular brass filligrees.  I have ordered more, so hopefully it will be done soon.

I also want to put a gem or something on the middle piece of the necklace and girdle, but I don't know what.




An up-close shot of the girdle.  The "gems" on each piece are the flat backed marbles used for flower arranging.  The are glued on with heavy duty jewelry glue.


















More Girdle.