Maria de Medici Gown

The portrait of Maria de Medici is gorgeous and the light blue and yellow gown stood out from the dark colors of so many other portraits. I started doing some research on the internet and foind that a ton of other people were also fond of the portrait and had made the dress, but I thought I would join the crowd.  Plus, I don't know anyone personally who has the dress so, why not?

So here is the inspiration dress.  I decided against doing the stripey sleeves, because I thought it might look a bit crazy in reality.  However I wanted to do the blue doublet dress, because I've never done a doublet dress and I think they are fabulous.























I also got hugely motiovated to do the partlet from this awesome site. The partlet is my favorite part of the whole thing and I am able to wear it with more than just this outfit.  I used the pattern from Katerina's Purple files for the embroidery (see above link).














The embroidery is done with pearl cotton, because it is thick and therefore the embroidery takes less time.  I am NOT a patient embroiderer.  The gold lace is from Joann's and the pearls are actually real pearls the my friend Odette purchased for me.

The math to get the embroidery on the top of each ruffle before it was assembles was a bit of a challenge, but it fit the collar nicely.

Did I mention that I love this accessory? 




Here is the gold underdress. Once again, I used the Margo Anderson basic pattern with this.  The skirt is really full and poufs out nicely on the hips with the cartridge pleating.

There are also sleeves that go witht he dress, but I forgot to put them on.

























Here is the back where the side lacing is visible.  It pulls across the back andI don't know how to fix it.  Luckily it is an underdress, so I guess it doesn't matter too much.

























Underdress with partlet. The partlet is pinned in the front and tied under each arm.



























More partlet action.























Unfinished doublet dress, my bias tape isn't sewn so it is poking out at the bottom.

The front of the doublet is closed with a victorian corset busk, a cheat my friend Alessandra told me about.  I sewed the busk in so that it sits upside down, with the hooks on the inside.  It looks really nice and is completely invisible.

Here are some busk pictures























The back pokes out a bit at the shoulders, but I think it will work itself out when the sleeves are put on.



























Unfortunately, this project is on hold, since I just found out I'm pregnant and the doublet barely fits now.  I think post-pregnancy I'm going to recut it and make it a little bit looser.


Here is the jewelry that goes with the dress...Maria's Jewelry










Game on...Now that I have a wonderful baby boy, I went back to work on the dress.  I resized the bodice to give a bit more room (yay breathing).

I also got rid of the kirtle because when I put it on under the dress, everything poofed out and it looked like I had gained 40 pounds, so I make stripey sleeves and a separate skirt and forepart.

I think it looks enough like the picture that I accomplished my goal.
















Another shot where the forepart is sort of visible.






















Closeup of the bodice, but I look kind of crazy.  Also my necklace slid down the front of my dress.




















Comparison (but the fact that she is half my size must be ignored!)







Here is one more picture...finally I got to wear the dress to an event when it wasn't pouring rain!  Yay for sunshine.