Here are some manuscripts I have made.  I still feel pretty new at it, but my calligraphy is improving.

This is based on the Luttrell Psalter, a 13th century British manuscript.

Here it is pre-whiteworked





























Same page with whitework added.  I think doing the whitework is my favorite part, it adds so much!


























Close up of the illuminated B. 






























Here is a manuscript I made.  Some of the other people in the shire suggested I turn it in as a possible master scroll, so I'm going to.  I also made a copy to paint myself. 
























This is the finished scroll from the master that I painted.  I don't even want to think about how much time it took.  Every time I thought I was done, I would find another spot that needed paint.






















Closeup of the top illumination.






















Here is a Court Baroness scroll I made.  I'm going to turn it in soon.  It is based on the Visconti Hours which seem to be all the rage in our Illumination group.

























Close up of the same scroll.

























And this is an argent comet.  The comet and half of the ribbons are silver, but they look white in the picture.

























Closeup of the shading.






















Cherubs in a tent.  This cracked me up, so I left them in.  There was supposed to be a face eating dead souls on the other side, but I took them out, they were a bit grim for the manuscript.


























Here is my first commissioned manuscript.  It is the award scroll for the Sable Sword Tourney at Meridian Grand Tourney.  I used the Manesse Codex as my example.

























Closeup of the Illumination.  I did the knight in Meridian colors.




















Here is a closeup of the lettering. I tried to make it as close to the original manuscript as possible.  The ink I used was a bit light, I wish it was more scarlet.

























Here I am industriously putting the knight's name on the scroll.  Sir Thomas Blackmoore won the event.




















Here is the award scroll I made for my Shire's Crossroads of London event.

I made it as a blank  pre-print and ran off several copies, so we could use them in all the tournaments.
























This was the only one I painted, and ironically the only one we didn't give out.  The heavy combat tourney was rained out.  No tourney=no scroll.  Sigh.


















This scroll was based on the Visconti Hours, an Italian 14th century manuscript.