Houppelade and Hennin
Here is the Houppelade I made for more maternity garb.  I' hoping it will grow with me.

Here is my houppelande and hennin.  The whole reason for making this dress was so I could make the crazy hat to go with it.

Bcause I live in Atlanta where it is usually crazy hot, I made the fur collar and cuffs removable.























Back view.

The belt came on some cheap shorts from Old Navy I bought afew years ago.  It looks tablet woven, so I thought it would work nicely.
























Closeup of the butterfly hat.

The truncated hennin reminds me of one of those hats monkeys wear.



























The hennin is actually made from a small basket I covered with fabric.  I got the idea from Cynthia Virtue's website here.

The instructions for the veil are in the Medieval Tailor's Assistant.