Flemish Dress

I made this dress because everyone I see looks so cute in Flemish that I had to get on the bandwagon.  I made this in April 2008 just in time for Gulf Wars.  Once again, I used the Margo Anderson patterns, but I altered them a little to give them a Flemish Flair.



This is my Flemish dress.  You can't tell, but the pink dress laces across the fron of the brown dress.  The pink dress is also lined with yellow.  The whole thing is linen and once again, I'm wearing my chemise from the Tudor Tailor.

I went a little accessory crazy with this, but I think that is what make the Flemish look so much fun.  I made an apron, caul, and partlet.  You can also see my fancy sun hat that I got in the floral department of Joann's for 97 cents.

I don't have any pictures of just the kirtle.  I had a math tragedy when cutting it out and the back gaps by about six inches, which is okay in the lacing, but it means that my behind is visible.  Luckily the chemise is really long.





Back view.


You can see the pleating pretty good here.  I used the rolled organ pleats that Drea Leed describes on her site. 

 I really like the fullness it gives to the skirt, it is really fun to wear.


This was my first attempt at dying fabric.  I had white linen and was attempting to make it a deep burgundy.  I ended up with bright pink.  Who says pink isn't period?






















Here is the skirt pinned up, but I think it adds too mich bulk to my sides, so I almost always wear it down.