For this gown I used the pattern from Woven Into the Earth: Textiles from Norse Greenland.  Lady Katrina of Bryn Maddoc showed my how to draft tha pattern, lay it out, and cut it.  She also taught me how to make sleeves!  I learened a ton from her and can't thank her enough.

This is a yellow 12-gore cotehardie.  It is going to be an underdress for a blue cotehardie with short sleeves, so only the bottom half of these sleeves will be visible.

























Back view.






























Here you can see the crazy amount of buttons on the sleeves.  I was trying to put a dozen on each one, but only 11 fit.  Thank heavens for ebay, I was able to get 4 dozen metal buttons for about $15.  I'm going to use the remaining 2 dozen on the fron of the blue overdress. 




















Here are my elelets that I hand-sewed.  I don't like doing it, but it makes a dress look much better. 

Also I made matching lucet cord with pearl cotton.  (It was my first luceting attempt, so it is a bit lumpy.)  It went realatively quickly once I got the hang of it.  There is a great lucet making video on you tube that really helped me out.












Here are the side gores.  The all began square at the top and I just took them in more and more until the dress was fitted.  I really like the way it looks.

The dress is also serged, but I hand sewed the seams down, so the whole thing gives and impression of being hand done.  This was Lady Katrina's idea and I think it is great!


















Here is the blue overdress.  I finally finished it.





























The blue dress is really loose, but I'm going to use it as my maternity garb.  Afterwards, I plan on taking it in.

I went with streamers on the arms instead of traditional tippets, I just like the whimsy of them.





















Closeup of the million buttons (okay, it is twenty, but when you are making button holes it feels like a million)




























Here is the hat I made to go with the dress.  It is really fun to wear, but it gets really hot...I feel like I have a stuffed animal on my head. 

I need to find a better pin for the front, this one is rather victorian but it was what I had to make do with.

I made this hat with instruction from Cynthia Virtue's website here.  It was super easy to do.  Plus, I already had everthing I needed so it didn't cost anything.  Yay!