Blue Loose Gown

This is the Comfort Gown from Margo Anderson's patterns.  I can't speak highly enough of those patterns.  They are completely fabulous.  I wear this gown way too much, but like the title says, it is totally comfy.  Also, I love my hat.  I made this dress in February 2008.  If you look closely in the pictures, you can see evidence of rare Georgia snowfall.









This is my Navy kirtle.  I am wearing my high necked chemise from the Tudor Tailor underneath.  I made the chemise to go with my english fitted gown.

The Kirtle is made of navy linen and has about a million hand sewn eyelets on the shoulders and back.  This was my first attempt at doing hand made eyelets, but after this project, I'm a pro.

The trim is just some random gold trim they sell at Joann's.

To be more accurate, I should have made the front of the dress a fancier pattern than the back, but I wanted to be able to wear the kirtle by itself while working at events.  Also, I had a ton of navy linen.








This is the back of the kirtle.  You can see all the eyelets.




























Here is the gown.  I got this fabric at a warehouse sale on impulse.  I have no idea what it is made of, but I love it. 



























This pattern called for five yards of fabric and I only had four so I had to add a seam up the back.  The seam did allow me to make a split in the back bottom and add trim.

























The hat is Margo's flat cap and caul.  I added all the trim before sewing the cap together.  I love the big feather.

My friend Odette was able to procure some lovely freshwater pearls for me which I sewed on.  Real pearls on my hat make me feel extra luxurious!















You can't see it great, but I used the trim pattern from Janet Arnold's patterns of Fashion that was on the loose gown. 

(You can also see how I was a bit short on fabric and the pattern was not able to meet in the back, le sigh)