16th Century Ottoman Outfit

I made this for my shire's Pirates of the Mediterranean event June 21, 2008.  The event was about the knights of Malta versus the Ottoman Corsairs so I thought Ottoman was the way to go. I was also teaching a class on Islam, so I thought it would be extra appropriate.  I thought I could make a cool, summer-weight outfit.  Then I saw all the pretty silks and satins and ended up with something just as hot as all the rest of my other stuff.  Oh well, maybe next time.




This outfit has four pieces.  The chemise is called a Gomluk, the pants are called Salwar, and the jackets are both called Entari.  I did a ton of research for this because I was really clueless when it came to middle eastern garb.

Here is the gomluk, not the most flattering, fortunately there are a few more layers to go!



I used several websites as my sources:

Dar Anahita's Site

Roxane Farabi's Site












These are the salwar, Scott made all sorts of fun of me when I was wearing these around the house and kept playing "Can't Touch This" on his computer. 

























Little ankle buttons.











This is the second layer, the entari.

It was supposed to be orange with purple lining, but there was another math incident when I was drafting the pattern, so it got a purple "racing stripe" down the fron to add inches.























It also got a "racing stripe" down the back.  Oh well.





























The top layer is another entari.  This one is made from some Sari fabric I got at Joann's.

I'm wearing the girdle that originally went with my Red Tudor, but now seems to find its way into practiacally every outfit.






















The pink entari is lined with yellow satin, with can be tucked up into the girdle.

I couldn't waste an opportunity to throw MORE color into this rather billious outfit.

























Back view with the entari tucked up.





























The hat is called the "Duck Hat" in Roxane's website.  It was really easy to make and I got comments on it all day at our Pirate event.

In this picture I'm wearing my hair down, but I was just being lazy 'cause I'm in the backyard.  Hair would have been worn up in period.




















Here is the hat with my hair pinned up at our event, I know I look bald, le sigh.


I am wearing some Etruscan earrings my husbad bought me from Metropolitan Museum of Art when we were first dating and the hat has peacock feathers on it!














Another event picture.


















The actual pieces of the duck hat minus the veil.