MOMA Wales - Tabernacl Art Competition

I was thrilled when my small oil painting "Arthur, going to Aberystwyth without Mary for the first time" was highly commended at the Tabernacl Art Competition, at the Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth, Wales.

I often used to see Arthur and his wife Mary on the bus going shopping, but in all the years I saw them I never once saw them speak to each other. I used to think it was sad that after apparently so many years of marriage, they no longer seemed to like each other enough even to to talk, but one day as they got off, Arthur turned round to give his hand to steady Mary as she got off and for the first time I saw them share a smile. As they walked towards the town, they remained hand in hand, walking slowly and comfortably in step with each other reminding me of Leonard Cohen's line "Walking to the corner, our steps will always rhyme". They intrigued me and I painted portraits of them both from memory.
It was a cold, wet, winter and I only saw them together once more after that soft smile. Mary was walking with difficulty, leaning on Arthur's arm for support. The next time I saw Arthur he was alone.
Arthur went to Machylleth alone too, but perhaps one day I will reunite them by having them framed together.